Starring in a Malaysian Advert….?!

So during our stay in KL, we got on well with the hostel owners and when we were there they were promoting a coffee they were making and we had a tasting morning where they gave us their new coffee and put on a lovely Malaysian breakfast and a photographer took photos of us doing so.

A bit later on in the morning we were asked if we would help them out and be in their advert…”Sure! Why not!?” we answered, this sounds like fun! Later on in the day they asked if we were ready and we got filming. We imagined us and a few others maybe being in the advert, but no, it was just Adam and I. And we had to (try and) act. Not either of our strong points to say the least. Needless to say, about 20 takes later they were happy with what we could produce (not a lot at all) and probably thought they should go with what they had as we really couldn’t give them any more!

We will not be disclosing the name of the coffee or where we were staying as even though we are proud to say we did it, I am very sure in saying that no-one actually needs to witness what we produced. It can only be described as a homemade advert with shocking acting!

So I am very proud to say we have starred in our own Malaysian coffee advert and were paid with a Burger King dinner. And who said we were cheap…!?!

We ♥ KL



KL is an amazingly eclectic and diverse city. A big mish-mash of history, culture and people, full of higgidy-piggidy streets and back alleys with amazing architecture springing out at you from the most unexpected places.

Take for example Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple which we stumbled across as we were walking down the street we were staying on. Bang in the centre of China town and down the road from many Chinese Buddhist temples. See what I mean about a mixture?

Then we found this little beaut, was quite surreal to see. A typically tudor house with cricket green (of course), in KL surrounded by palm trees, a beautiful mosque opposite it and skyscrapers all around. Mind F***!


P1050683 P1050684


The architecture varies greatly, one of my favourite buildings we found contrast so greatly, it again, sums up how eclectic this fabulous city is. Art Deco meet Dutch/Roman architecture…some in better conditions than others.

P1050646 P1050658

building destroyed by fire. Shops still in operation underneath. Obvs.

building destroyed by fire. Shops still in operation underneath. Obvs.


We couldn’t stay in China town without drinking in some Chinese tea houses. So far we have sampled the oldest tea house in KL, street tea sellers and other places a bit more fancy…

P1050602                                                  oldy-woldy tea houseP1050605 P1050728

street tea where you can pick 1 of 2 types (in the big urns)

P1050754 (2)

      Adam feeling like a giant in the tea worldP1050751 (2)   All the bits and bobs you need to make a good cuppa fresh green tea (Hint: all the jugs are used for the tea to flow through at one point or another)