Starring in a Malaysian Advert….?!

So during our stay in KL, we got on well with the hostel owners and when we were there they were promoting a coffee they were making and we had a tasting morning where they gave us their new coffee and put on a lovely Malaysian breakfast and a photographer took photos of us doing so.

A bit later on in the morning we were asked if we would help them out and be in their advert…”Sure! Why not!?” we answered, this sounds like fun! Later on in the day they asked if we were ready and we got filming. We imagined us and a few others maybe being in the advert, but no, it was just Adam and I. And we had to (try and) act. Not either of our strong points to say the least. Needless to say, about 20 takes later they were happy with what we could produce (not a lot at all) and probably thought they should go with what they had as we really couldn’t give them any more!

We will not be disclosing the name of the coffee or where we were staying as even though we are proud to say we did it, I am very sure in saying that no-one actually needs to witness what we produced. It can only be described as a homemade advert with shocking acting!

So I am very proud to say we have starred in our own Malaysian coffee advert and were paid with a Burger King dinner. And who said we were cheap…!?!

Malacca…Melaka…Mellaca….Any other way to spell one place…?


I am going to stick with one spelling of Malacca throughout this post, even though it is spelt in a multitude of ways all over the town and country. It seems no-one can decide on just the one spelling. I think they need a board/council meeting to decide once and for all!

Anyway…moving on…Malacca is a beautiful town much similar to Georgetown in its architecture in some parts.


But it has the added bonus of a beautiful river which has had a lot of money spent on it and on which our guesthouse sat.


That was the view from our guesthouse. Fabulous. Like I mentioned before, a lot of money has been spent on this area to build lovely walk ways and all the buildings are decorated by local artists. This has become a big tourist attraction as boats run up and down this river every half hour to show it off.


But once the boats go away the big monitor lizards come out and have a swim, I woke up early one morning (by accident of course) and had a quick look out over the water and saw 2 massive lizards having a nice early morning swim. I felt very lucky to catch a sight of them as people rarely do.

I think I will quickly sum up our favourite things that we did in Malacca, as yes, there is a lot to do inside the town  which is flooded with bus loads of tourists, but one of the best things we did was outside the town, and not too easy to get to. I don’t think they like tourists leaving the town as there is no information on how to get anywhere just outside! We found a bus which runs to the botanical gardens and recreational forest which took our interest, and after many questions we found we had to get a few buses to get there. Once we got there we were greeted by an area devoid of people. Literally. No-one. It was great! We walked around this massive forested area and came across the occasional person jogging or walking but that was it. We then found the canopy walk which we were quite interested in doing and asked how much, “8 Ringgett, but only one person at a time” this made us think a bit. We looked up to the canopy walk and saw it infested with monkeys! “Will the monkeys move?” we asked, the guy looked a bit confused until he looked himself, “oh yes, if you walk they will!” We didn’t think anyone had walked on this for quite a while and the monkeys (maucak monkeys which are now considered a pest as stupid people feed them) had claimed it as their own so swiftly decided against it. Nobody wanted to be the first one across to try and make them move and to find out the hard way that they wouldn’t…also some of the platforms looked quite old and rickety! So we carried happily with our normal walk along the quite steady ground. The highlight of this walk was seeing a family of Spectacled Leaf Monkeys, or Dusky Langurs. We were walking on our way out and saw this big black monkey at the base of a tree, “wow thats a big’un!” and then we realised that it wasn’t one of the common pest monkeys but something much dfferent. As soon as he heard us, he scooted quickly up the tree and watched us from above. We were stunned into silence and quickly got our cameras out to try and catch a glimpse of them, but these shy monkeys weren’t too keen on that and decided to leave. But we stood in awe for ages just watching them jump from tree to tree with their babies attached to their bellies getting far away from us.


One of the other great things we did was drink possibly the most expensive coffee in SE Asia. But it was worth it. Since we touched down in Bangkok we keep seeing these coffee places which have coffee contraptionswhich look like something from a chemistry set, so when we walked past a tiny coffee place using these we jumped at the chance. We didn’t think to ask about the price :s we were just a bit too excited!


The guy new his stuff, he made this so precisely taking so much care when he was making it and tasting it as cocktail makers do to test their product. It did not disappoint!


What made it better, they served it out of their modified VW Van and even roasted and ground their own beans too



Oh yeah, and our most expensive coffee came to a grand total of 50 Ringett for 3 delicious coffees, a grand total of around 10GBP….shocker!

Travelling Highlight of the Week (w.b. 11th Feb)

Whilst sitting in a cafe in Vientiane (updating the blog, ironically) a man tried to exit the building without opening the door and face planted into the (very clean door) hitting his head and making a nice big coffee splat on the now not so clean door.

He took it well, laughed at himself and went to get another drink, and within seconds an employee cleaned the door until it was sparkling again…. ready for another unsuspecting victim.