Sydney Short Stop Off

After a lot of thought and weighing up our options, which were either spend a little bit longer in Australia or have a whole lot longer in South America due to costs. We decided upon spending as little as time as possible in Australia mainly because we wouldn’t be able to do it any justice with the time we had and the very little funds. Se we opted for a short 2 day stop over and in that time planned to just stay in Sydney.

Although we had very little time, we still managed to squeeze a fair bit in, slightly haltered by the fact we arrived in a miserable rain storm, we did what anybody would do in the situation, go get our hair cut and mooch around shopping centres, woooo! It was just nice to be able to walk around without chaos and not understand what anybody was saying, almost like we went home for a litte bit, especially with the shitty weather.

On our second day however the sun was out but it was still only 18-20degress, which although this sounds insane for a notherner to say, it was f#@king cold! After spending such a long time sweating everyday and waking up in 35-40degree heat, our bodies must have adapted to the heat and we had become accustomed to that kind of temperature! We joined a free walking tour, which is something we would not usually go for but it actually turned out to be one of the best things we have done. I learned so much about British-Australian history and even more history about Sydney itself. I would highly recommend anybody to do this tour, local or tourist, as i will certainly be huting the London tour down when i next visit.

20130622-035443 PM.jpg

20130622-035449 PM.jpg
After spending the full day walking around on our tour, we headed to circular quay for some drinks with a Spaino, who we haven’t seen in almost 4 years! It was a quality catch up and a lot of conversation was spent persuading us on switching for the aus expat life. It was a shame we couldn’t spend longer with Spaino as after 4 years, there is a lot to catch up on and a few hours on a school night, is not the best time to do it.

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Our stop-over in Sydney had also been very well timed as the Vivid light festival was on, which is a light display that utilizes famous buildings and landmarks around the Sydney harbour, coming alive on a nightime. It was only until we spoke to a few Sydney locals that we realised this was a huge event for them and we were very lucky to arrive when we did.