Where oh where could the bus be??

So there we are, sitting at the border for Uruguay all excited about catching our bus into Southern Brazil. We have stamped out of Uruguay and we are sitting at the roadside on our bags with maybe half an hour to spare before our connecting bus turns up. The sun is still up, its not raining and we are in good spirits.

45 minutes go past and we see a bus in the distance, “is it ours?…yep, yep, it is! Perfect!” So the bus pulls up as expected, so all the occupants can get their passports stamped out of Uruguay and we are politley told (from what we understand with our broken Spanish) that this is not our bus, that ours is coming, it should take maybe half an hour more. No problem, we thought.

So we sit back on our bags, still in good spirits and continue to chat away. Half an hour goes past, still no bus….an hour goes past and still no bus and now the sun has gone down as has the temperature. Then a horrible thought goes through my mind, what if they weren’t expecting a pick up there? How can there be another bus when there is only one a night? Oh s#!t we have mucked up here. So Adam tries to use a payphone to get in contact with the hostel who helped to book the bus, but of course the payphone only accepts a card, no coins. Great. We are just going to have to sit it out.

Then, in the distance we see a bus, “don’t get up, you might jinx it” Adam says. So we sit and wait for it to pull up, and it does, but it doesn’t say it goes to Floripa and my heart sinks. Luckily as I’m dwelling in sorrow, Adam asks the guy if this is indeed our elusive bus. YES!!! 2 and a half hours late but it is ours! Phewf! We clamber on, so happy to be in the warmth and not stranded inbetween two countries anymore!

But another problem, one even bigger than the first; they have already served up dinner….oh…we’re so hungry! Aaargghh!

(Luckily, the kind man served us our dinner of chicken nuggets and omlette goop and it was the best tasting dinner in a long time! We must have been delirious.)

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