Short stop in Montevideo

The initial route that we had planned out to go through Uruguay, get us upto Iguazu and over to Rio, was to go via Montevideo, up to Salto (which is a border town), cross over to Concordia (the Argentine border town), take a bus upto Posadas and then from there a bus upto Puerto De Iguazu on the Argetinian side. Then see Iguazu from the Argentina side, cross over to Brazil and then see it from that side also and then make our way over to Sao Paulo, then onto Rio.

What we hadn’t anticipated, is getting so many suggestions to visit Punta Del Diablo and South Brazil instead of going through the nothingy route that we had initially planned out. This in theory did sound fine and sounded a lot better than just sitting on long 8-12+ buses for no end, however we had been a bit pro-active and booked our bus ticket when we arrived in Montevideo for 3 days time and therefore were a bit fixed on our route…….or so we thought.

Thanks to our lovely hosts from the Caballo Loco Hostal (yes I am name dropping, because they deserve it), who kindly rang the bus company up, asked if we could come and get a refund and helped us get all of our money back with no questions asked!!! Thanks to their help and advice, we were now set for a new course, heading East to Punta Del Diablo, which is an old fishing village on the Uruguyuan costline and then make our way north into Brazil and upto Florianopolis, which after a bit of playing around and taking some days off Montevideo, it looked like we were going to be beach bound sooner than we thought!

As our stay in Montevideo had been limited to 3 days, which one of them was spent getting our refund, buying a ticket for 3 days time and then sorting out our route from Punta Del Diablo onwards, we were only really left with 2 solid days to look around Montevideo. Which, thankfully as we had an absolutely awesome hostel, when we ran out of things to do around the city, retreating to the hostel was kind of enjoyable.

Montevideo was a beautiful city, but nothing like the likes of Colonia and as we had spent so long travelling through big cities for a while, it was slightly difficult to find the motivation to do the standard look at this building, look at this church and then go eat here! Instead we took ourselves for a big walk around the main centre and delved into our favourite past time…..eating good food and drinking coffee whilst people watching!

The short time we spent in the city was really enjoyable and it was very easy to get around. If we had more time there was lots to do like nice bike rides along the sea front, open top buses etc etc. As we were entering Brazil earlier, we decided to penny pinch at every corner and unfortunately avoided the extra cost that tourist attractions have and stuck with the free ones instead……..walking.


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