So after our very delayed bus journey, we arrived into a delightfully warm Florianopolis (Floripa) late morning and went about getting ourselves to our hostel, which we heard was two more bus journeys away.

We found our way to the bus station with the help of the tourist information in the big international bus station we just left and with our sleep deprived clouded minds we tried to figure out what the hell was going on. OK, so there are turnstiles everywhere, which ones do we go through, if we go through the ones on the left, will it take us to the wrong part of the station and have to pay again to get to the area we want? Also, us and our backpacks are not going to fit through in one go, how much does it cost? Oh the questions! Either way, we just went for it, and it turns out the system is not so complicated and pretty easy to work out, you pay at the turnstile and that is your ticket, chuck your big bag over as you go through, and then you go and look for the sign with the bus number you want on it. Done, easy peasy.

Luckily for us, some nice Brazilian people started talking to us on the bus (after our bags flew against the bus doors going round the very windy roads and nearly opened them!) They gave us some advice about the bus, the key fact being that the roads are windy, hold your bags, and one girl even said she would walk us to our hostel as she knows the people there. Turns out she was Argentinan so we conversed very basically in Spanish with her as she walked us up. A lovely introduction to Floripa and Brazil in general!

View from our hostel

View from our hostel

We got settled into our hostel, Barra Beach Club which we were recommend by some Texan friends, and had a walk down to the beach. The hostel has beautiful views over a little cove, which is a 2 minute walk, and to get to the bigger beach, its just a 5 minute walk down a winding alley full of bright shops, houses and hostels and across the little footbrbridge, and then you are there.

Our little street

Our little street

little footbridge we crossed every day

little footbridge we crossed every day

Our time spent in Floripa (1 week) we ate great seafood, taught ourselves how to surf (we both stood up on the boards!), sunbathed, gawped at the brazilian bikinis, and samba-ed the night away at our local bar. We loved the vibe of our hostel and of the beach town so much that we were truly gutted to leave. It had a great small town feel with great beginner waves and beautiful weather and we would go back in a flash!

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