Adam has an Accident in Punto del Diablo

We arrived here after a short bus ride from Montevideo and as our kind hostel offered to pick us up, and the bus was late, we saw a mini van waiting for us at the side of the road. The owner dumped our stuff in the back and we jumped in for the short ride to the hostel down sandy, dusty roads with no names.

Again, we got lucky with the hostel we chose, the people working there were so friendly, helpful and chatty and so we got loads of great advice on what to do and see.

Our first afternoon we had a walk along the beach to see the coast line and ended up with 2 doggy companions who decided they wanted a walk. So as we slowly trudged along the sand, they played and chased each other and sniffed everything they could find. Unluckily for Adam, he decided to take his toenail off on a rock (he claims he was pushed, I deny it all…) Either way, it was gross, bloody and pretty bad timing as we were about an hour away from anything. So a quick wash in the sea and wrapping it in tissue had to do for the time being. We continued on our limpy journey, watched surfers catching some waves, changed his tissue dressing, watched more surfers until we came to the little town we were looking for. We were lucky enough to find a little beach bar selling strong cocktails and decided to have one before we continued on our walk back to the hostel.

One thing to do in Punto del Diablo is go to the National Park, which we decided to do on a sunnier day. We caught the bus and got dropped off at the park with our backpack with a packed lunch ready to find a good picnic-ing spot. This walk took a couple of hours (mainly due to Adams everly increasing disgusting little toe) through some very beautfiul scenery which is unfortunatly entirely tarmaced. Still, we had a partly peaceful walk, found our spot to sit and chowed down and were joined by a very brazen peacock and around 40 screaming childnren. Not my ideal of peaceful, it just reminds me of work 😦



Our walk which ended at the Fort took us through a field with some very suspicious looking cows and got me a bit nervous, especially when one decided to pop out of the bushes at us! After that we were very happy to see fresh Churros being sold outside the Fort, so for our troubles we treated ourselves to one, and it was delicious! In fact it was so delicious, we had another one on the way out!


Adam, very cleaverly (is that a word?) didnt decide to bring any extra plasters or bandages, so his throbbing toe pretty much signaled the end of the day and we caught the bus home.

Our last day in Punto del Diablo was rained off, which was a shame as we didnt really get to fully experince the beach on a good day or use the pool, but oh well, onto Floripa and sun, sand and surf….well, thats if the bus turns up…

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