Our First Weekend in Buenos Aires

Beunos Aires is a massive city. No, thats an understatement, its a mahooosive city with about 3 million people living just in the city. That stat doesn’t include the suburbs, just the city itself. Now, thats a lot of people tango-ing and drinking mate.

Our first weekend here did not fail to impress. After a Saturday night of eating Asado at midnight and drinking at a local bar with no name (we were only guided by “look for the red door”) we then spent our Sunday wandering around different areas and in the afternoon found ourselves nosing around the San Telmo area. Firstly to find our flat that we will be moving into tomorrow but also just to get a feel for the place.

odds and ends that for some reason I really wanted to buy!

odds and ends that for some reason I really wanted to buy!

beautiful brass pans

beautiful brass pans

And we were not disappointed, from the get go with loved the vibe of the market, the amount of individual and interesting cafes and restaurants and the people practising tango in the Feria San Telmo. But our favourite thing had to be the ska/reggae instrumental band that was playing in the street with a crowd that most bands would be envious of. Because of the size yes, but also because of their main skanker/dancer being an old man way into his 80’s (I can only assume) shuffling away to every song with his zimmer frame. ¡Que fantastico!

I think we are going to like this place!

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