A Quick Review: Salta – Buenos Aires

I have decided to lump this all together as one, as to be honest we have not really done too much.

We returned to Salta and decided we liked it a lot more the second time round. Possibly because it wasn’t winter anymore, or because we didn’t stay in a dive this time round. Either way we had a much more enjoyable experience going out Argentinan style which includes not going out to gone middnight and not returning until the sunrises. Sadly though, we did get US$360 stolen from our locked backpack from our dorm room. But this is not a reflection upon the hostel who very kindly took us to the tourist police and helped sort everything out. It is just bad luck that we were sharing a room with a robbing b@*!**d who had the time and patience to get into our backpack whilst we were out partying.

Apart from that incident the other major disapointment was that we didn’t get to see the mummies of the incan children (who have been all over the global news) as it was closed due to polling….another strike of bad luck. So we left Salta a bit down hearted and angry. Oh well, on to Cordoba…

Cordoba, we loved! We pretty much got a personal tour of the city as we were the only ones on the free walking tour that day. We learnt about the very recent troubled political history of Argentina and Cordoba in particular and of the ‘baby snatchings’ which was particularly sobering and distressing to hear about. Our lovely tour ended with us having lunch with our fantastic and chatty guide! The rest of our time here we spent milling around, looking in shops and finding good bars to go and drink in.

Oh, one thing in particular that we did was go to Octoberfest, which is about an hour out of Cordoba, and seems to be a pretty big deal around here as they have a massive German community. So we got the bus over and 3/4’s of the way through the drive it felt like we had been magically transported into Germany. All the buildings and houses changed design and style and we saw people walking around in lederhosen. It was a beautiful area surrounded by lots of greenery, and then you drive into the town and its just crazy. Crazy busy with so many people stumbling around in silly hats, fancy dress and steins attached to them. It. Was. Great. Probably not a touch on the actual Octoberfest in Munich, but boy did they give it a good go! We wandered the streets for a bit looking for a good place to buy a stein and then find some food before we entered the festival. Tickets were ARG$100 each (about £10) and the beer was, well, just OK. Not as tasty other German beers we have had before. But it did the trick. To top the day off, when waiting for our bus back we saw an older lady who had just had too much to drink and insisted on vomiting everywhere. This included the seats next to us on bus, which her husband thought was a good idea to put her on. Poor bus driver had to mop it all up and ask them to leave. And society and the media make you believe its only the younger generations who can’t handle their drink…. :s

Our next stop, Rosario. Nice city with some good parks and shopping centres, but with everything pretty spread out. We managed to get on the very confusing bus system one day and went out a bit further. But apart from that, nothing too special occured.

After all the excitment in Peru and Bolivia with all the treks, mountain biking and monkey cuddling (please see previous posts for more), city life seems, well, just that. A city. And another city. Nothing too special, but of course nothing too bad. It is just what it is I guess. I do miss the monkeys though 😦

Next on our stop off of cities, the big capital Buenos Aires. Hopefully having our own apartment and space will make this city just a little bit different.

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