In and Out of Copacabana, Bolivia

We left La Paz and took a bus to Copacabana thinking we would stay a couple of nights before we entered Peru. Our minds quickly changed once we entered Copacabana and became instantly depressed. The town was empty. No people, no children running around, no cars. Just lots of big empty hotels. Which made the place even more depressing. So we quickly booked a bus to Puno, Peru for the next morning.

sunset over Lake Titicaca

sunset over Lake Titicaca

We watched the sunset over then lake and then walked around in the evening trying to look for a cheap local place to eat. It turns out they do not exist here as local people are few and far between. What makes it worse that everyone at the restaurants are so friendly, even though their place is empty and they seem desperate for customers, it made me want to cry.

Like I stated before, we hastily left in the morning, hoping Puno would bring better feelings.

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