Travelling Highlight of the Week (w.b. 8th July 2013)

On our way back from quite a tame Saturday night out in Sucre we were extremely surprised and a bit frightened by a large man running up the street towards us and screaming. Obviously our first thought was…”oh god a crazy man is going to attack us” but then he continued to run away from us but still screaming.

This is when we stopped and watched and we noticed that this delightfully eccentric man was actually shouting “RATTA, RATTA, RATTA” continuously and was genuinely chasing a rat and he seemed to be enjoying it as he was giggling like a child. When he noticed we were watching and found him amusing, he decided to point out what he was chasing, managed to complete whatever objective he was trying to achieve with said rat and galloped off down the street laughing.

What a treat! Sucre, you are full of beautiful people.

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