Travelling Highlight of the Week (w.b. 1st July 2013)

We have started our Spanish lessons! Since arriving in SA we have been in a semi-mad rush to get to Sucre so we can start lessons. We chose Bolivia and Sucre in general as Bolivia is meant to have a lovely accent and they speak quite slowly as well, so for beginners its a dream. The great thing about Sucre is that it is a student town, so it has a young population with lots of varying accommodation and lots of people to practice with at language exchanges or whoever you meet at bars.

When we arrived in Sucre we had our heart set on one particular Spanish school, but after arriving at our hostel, The Beehive, they recommended a few private tutors which were much cheaper. So thats what we went for; a private tutor between us for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week costing us 50 Bolivianos an hour (£4.80… an hour!)

I definitely think we chose the right option! Hablar Espanol here we come… We hope!

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