Auckland -the city of Sushi and Churros!

We arrived into Auckland the day of an All Blacks home match, so if that isn´t perfect timing I don´t know what is, we just had to find the perfect bar to watch it in. And that proved the hardest part! We walked around for a good hour looking for a reasonably priced bar with good atmosphere which was actually showing the game. Thankfully a kind lad pointed us in the direction of a sports bar and we were off and found it in good time to get a seat, a schooner and order some food. The atmosphere in the bar was great, everyone was in high spirits and when the Haka started, dealthy silence and anticipation fell over the bar, shivers ran down my back and when it stopped everyone just burst into an erruption of applause. What a great start to quite a questionable match.

We spent a lot of time in Auckland finding the free things to do which included a lot of walking around the city and taking in the sights. This is when we noticed just how many sushi places there were (on every corner and inbetween!), we kept on walking and kept seeing little places selling churros too and that is the majority of places we came across. Its lucky that we love sushi, and it was quite cheap. Unfortunatly the churros were not, so we skipped them 😦

We took a walk up the biggest inactive volcano in Auckland, Mount Eden and we were not disappointed by the lovely steep walk and the glorious panoramic views which greeted us. We spent a long time just sitting and looking and taking lots of photos and being in awe of the city. After the walk down we got some lunch (sushi, of course) and moved onto the National museum. We did not dedicate enough time to this impossibly huge museum. Each floor is packed full of such interesting history starting from pre Maori, through the Maori history and then onto more recent history and the temprement of the country in general. One of our favourite parts was the traditional Maori meeting hall which was absoloutly stunningly beautiful made from a richly carved wood.

One of the other most interesting parts for us was the section about the volcanic regions. It went into great detail about how volcanic activity has shaped the country and it even had a model house showing how it would feel and what would happen if a volcano errupted in Auckland. Scary, but interesting. Unfortunatly we got chucked out of the museum as it was closing time, and we didn´t get to see everything. A whole day is needed to take in the WHOLE of this place! We walked back through some park land to get home and we got to see the most beautiful sunset which just made the walk that bit sweeter. It didn´t take the bite out of the cold though!

To top off our quick visit to Auckland we managed to see a friend from the UK, Keller, who we hadn´t seen in years as he had been living and working in Auckland. We had a good few drinks and a good catchup and then a great burger to top it all off. Was great to see him, even if his knowledge of Auckland was shocking!

We left Auckland and New Zealand a bit disapointed as we didn´t get too see everything that we wanted and we couldn´t do half the things that we wanted to, but another time, another trip with more moolah!

Anyways, soooo excited for SAmerica….Santiago here we come!


20130701-023004 PM.jpg

20130701-023010 PM.jpg

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