Travelling Highlight of the Week (w.b. 29th April 2013)

Our highlight of the week stems from our uber friendly bus journey to Georgetown, Penang as we were unexpectedly and very generously offered to be shown where is good for some food by our new friends; Alan and Alice. (Never met an Alan in my life, and the first happens to be Malaysian…who’da thunk it?) Its fair to say we jumped at the chance.

So we got off the bus and we followed Alan to his apartment and let him put his bags down and then 6 of us crammed into a small Proton and off we went for some typically Malay food. The whole while there Alan was pointing out all the good landmarks and places to go in Georgetown. Once we got there Alan explained that where he wanted to take us was closed as it was too late and so instead we went to a place screaming out Karaoke and with about 20 different stalls to choose your food ranging from Malay to Thai to Japanese. Once ordered, Alan then surprised us with some popular Malay dishes; deep fried Oysters and a massive pile of veggies with a ‘Special sauce’.

But our new friends generosity did not end there, after we finished dinner he asked, “what are you doing tomorrow?” In which we replied “ummm…dunno”. He offered to show us round for the day. We were blown away by his generosity but he simply said, “if I was in your country I am sure you would do the same”. What a lovely outlook to have.

It’s safe to say we have made some great new friends who we will be revisiting once we head back to Georgetown.

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