Doggy walking and Kitty cuddling

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We had heard about this place; Lanta Animal Welfare, by researching online and it sold itself pretty well, basically if you want to walk a dog or cuddle a cat you are more than welcome. And that is exactly what we intended to do there!

Obviously they do a lot more; like spade all cats and dogs free of charge, operate on animals and take animals in who have been mistreated, which is a lot. Especially dogs, a lot of dogs are maimed and hurt by people who don’t want them or think they are dirty/evil/god knows what. Some of the worst cases come into the welfare centre who have had burning hot oil poured on them, or who have been stabbed or attempted to be drowned. All very sad. But then getting to go and see them once they have been rehabilitated and living in a pack, or who have been adopted ready to go to their forever home turns that frown upside down and makes you realise how important places like this are.

So we turned up, had a quick nosey around they kitty house and then got ready to walk some dogs. We were given Bell and Lanta to walk. Bell had a muzzle on as she doesnt like cats (!) but was able to remove it once we were away, and Lanta seemed to be an older dog with a lovely calm nature. We got given a route to do and set off. We walked them to the beach and were warned that Bell may need some encouragement to walk sometimes as she can just stop. And she did. As soon as we went near the ocean her bum went into the ground and she would not budge, even with encouragement from Lanta who was running along. But no, she was adamant that was it. So we turned back around after a bit and walked them back.

Once back at the welfare centre we were shown around and shown all the animals they have there, including the happiest 3 legged dog we have ever met, a few puppies and some cats and dogs recovering from injuries (one pup had been stabbed in the head 😦 and had received brain damage because of it)

Even though the animals are there for sad reasons, it is such a happy place which can only benefit the islands and its animal inhabitants.

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20130424-063248 PM.jpg

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