Travelling Highlight of The Week (w.b 1st April)

This weeks award is a dual award, simply because both are very minor occurrences but equally highlights of our week.

The first was driving over to Haad Rin beach/bay,which is better known for its Full Moon Party, so obviously we wanted to see what all the fuss was about, when there wasn’t actually a party happening. On route we were taken over a very steep mountain road, when we ‘eventually’ (hard on a 125cc bike with two people) Cheryl caught a glimpse of the sunset in the rear view, obviously I was paying complete attention to the next incline in front of us, until i was ‘ushered’ to stop. When we did and spun round, we were met by possibly one of the most spectacular sunsets we had seen, including a great view of Koh Tao and the beautiful seas below us. Did we have the camera with us to capture this amazing moment…….of course we didn’t! It had to be seen to be believed.

The 2nd joint award goes to a nameless blonde. After witnessing our amazing sunset and reaching Haad Rin, we pulled into 7/11 for a drink (obvs) and as we were enjoying our bev outside, a girl managed to entertain us no end by being totally baffled at the idea of a non-automatic door, staring at the people inside as if they had turned the electrics off, to the point where she went to walk away and somebody kindly showed her that sometimes, doors need to physically be opened. Thank you nameless blonde, to us that was top shelf entertainment, we salute you for being stupid or very drunk!!

—ACastling—Stay Classy World—

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