Bangkok Take 2

On our way out of Cambodia we decided to swing back through Bangkok to kill some time before we began our onslaught of island hopping. Fortunately we have a friend who lives in the Sukhumvit area who was kind enough to put us up for how ever long we needed, and from here we managed to fall back in love with this city. And with sunsets like this…who wouldn’t?


Sukhumvit is a great area, so close to everything and so much going on. Our friend showed us the delights of Soi 11 and showed us some cool little bars which we didn’t find the first time round. From there we were left to our own devices as they all went off to work and we enjoyed sleeping late in an air con room for the first time in months!

View from our room

View from our room

We got our first moto-taxis this time round, as we had the guts to give it a whirl this intense mode of transport a chance. We got them pretty much twice a day as the road we were staying on was about a half hour walk in 30 degree heat…or a 10 baht taxi….I assume its obvious what we chose to do.

Gota love the motos!

Gota love the motos!

Apart from getting the motos, we rode the BTS skytrain everyday, stocked up on toiletries which we knew we could only get in BKK and clothes which had managed to get ruined in Cambodia.

Most importantly, our friends showed us what it was like to actually live in Bangkok. They were so generous with their time. We went and did a boot camp in Benjakiti park, we shopped in the local supermarket (unfortunately no market near by) and cooked for all our hosts, we went to a roof top BBQ and pool party and just ate in the local eateries and drank in the local drinkeries (?) We really got a taste for what it would be like, and we both definitely liked it, and didn’t want to leave!

rooftop BBQ with views over the city

rooftop BBQ with views over the city

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