Travelling Highlight of The Week (w.b. 4th March)

This week our highlight has got to quite simply be…

Spending time among the ‘Bui Vien Rd’ drinking crowd. Since we have been in Vietnam, we have always said it would be great to sit near the road and watch the traffic fly by. On Bui Vien Rd, you sit on plastic chairs, literally on the road and traffic goes around you! If that wasn’t good enough, bottles of Saigon are 30p!!! The atmosphere here is great, if you imagine Friday night when everyone has finished work, but every night, then your there. Unlike its comparison Khao San Rd, the locals and tourists are 50/50 here and you can chat to some really interesting people. If your feeling unsociable, kick back and watch the traffic get worse as more and more people turn up, taking up more of the road.

20130313-050649 PM.jpg

20130313-050654 PM.jpg

20130313-050829 PM.jpg

Great for all the pro people watchers out there.

—Stay Classy World—ACastling—

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