Nha Trang (Mini Moscow)

After Hoi An we jumped on another sleeper bus down to Nha Trang, which was one of the smelliest (we were next to the toilets) and bumpiest rides we have had so far. Although on the plus side i had loads of leg room, because we got the back seats, which are huge, more like beds.

We met a dutch couple in Dong Hoi, which we met again in Hoi An and planned to meet up in Nha Trang, so decided to stay at their hotel. After realising is was quite pricey, we set about hunting a cheap sleep and landed the mother load when we came across a 5 storey guesthouse which was more like a home stay than a hotel. The family spoke little english but were so friendly and welcoming, to put it in perspective the wife cooked us breakfast on our first day and we sat in her kitchen watching her prepare lunch. Above all else, the room had two beds ie big room, air con, TV, big private bathroom, spotless, small balcony and cost us £4, which the cheapest place we have managed to find so far!

20130313-043956 PM.jpg
They really made our Nha Trang stay bearable and i say this because Nha Trang is a beach resort full of russian shops, cafes, restaurants and tourist. As well as many backpackers from all over the world, however we are very much outnumbered. It therefore creates an aggressive sales mentality among touts/hawkers who will literally pester you on the toilet if there was no door. As well as people including british people, flyering you every 5 yards and offering a cheap drink or food! We didn’t eat a single meal or sip a drink in peace. The beaches are nice, but again packed full of tourists and touts, who if u fall asleep, will kick you awake to look at their wears!! All in all not very relaxing.

20130313-043725 PM.jpg

20130313-043819 PM.jpg
We therefore when in search of solace, by hiring a motorbike and getting the hell outta town. Once again (like in Hoi An) we found some absolute gems of peace and serenity that emphasised the beauty that Vietnam has locked away from Google and the Lonley Planet posse. We also found an alternative mud baths, as in town only one is touted and sold tours for. We therefore arranged with our Dutch friends to hire mopeds for the next day and ride out to the secluded mud baths. Which was a fun and relaxing way to get away from the constant mind rape of touts, whilst also experiencing something new.

20130313-044312 PM.jpg

We also helped ourselves to some amazing sea food, which is what Nha Trang is very well known for, however every other restaurant sells the same thing and it takes some time and knowing about seafood, to see which ones are good, i would like to think we struck good with our choice, getting a seafood platter along with a full snapper for £10 isn’t bad going if you ask me.

20130313-044723 PM.jpg

Nha Trang is a nice place, however the overhaul of russian tourists, touts, hawkers and generally littered beaches doesn’t lend itself well when comparing it to other beach destinations. I think without our fantastic choice of accommodation and Dutch company, we may have moved on much sooner.

—Stay Classy World—ACastling—

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