Travelling Highlight of the Week (w.b. 28th January)

As it was Adam’s birthday on the 29th, whilst in Chiang Rai, we decided to visit Central Plaza to see a movie. Central Plaza is a massive shopping mall about 15kms away from anything, so we got a tuk tuk there and figured that we could easily pick one up from the highway on the way back.

So we leave the cinema about 11.30pm and come out to a deserted street, no tuk tuks, no taxis, no cars even. ‘Oh. Dear. We can walk it, its not THAT far’ we thought. But we didn’t even walk two steps before someone pulled up and offered us a lift, and then another person did the same. The unexpected kindness took us aback. So we climbed in the back of this Thai couples pick up and they started chatting away with us, they were so lovely and helpful and when they dropped us off they wouldn’t accept any money. We tried and he kept saying no.

Once we had got out we both just stood there, “that’s made my birthday” Adam said, “where do you find generosity to a stranger nowadays?” He had a point. We were both so chuffed and felt so privileged to meet such kind people that we couldn’t stop smiling or talking about it, and we thought we would like to share it with all of you too.

This pretty much sums up our time so far in Thailand. The people are generally this way out, happy to help, kind and friendly. Of course you get your scammers, like you do anywhere. But the good people most definitely out-way the bad.

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