Happy New Year!

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Ever since we decided to go travelling, one of our major tick offs (bucket list) was to spend one new year in Bangkok, and the next new year in Rio. So since about August time we have been looking into what happens in Bangkok on NYE.

After lots of searching and re-searching we finally decided we wanted to spend it on one of the tallest buildings in the city to get a rooftop panoramic view of the fireworks . We had the choice between Lebua (where Hangover2 was filmed), Banyan Tree (beautiful hotel), and Bayioke 2 (tallest tower in Thailand). We ended up going with Banyan Tree due to prices, location and quality, and we definitely made the right choice!

We took the lift to the 52nd floor and bought our tickets, costing 2,500 baht each (about 50 quid)  for all inclusive drinks all night (choice of nice beers, large range of cocktails, spirits and wine) a DJ and amazing views of the city. We found a spot at the balcony to look at the scenery and sip our drinks (mine a Lychee martini and his a Singha beer), and throw in a bit of people watching and we had a good start to our night. As the drink began to flow, as did the amount of people and by 9pm it was packed, the staff were a bit overwhelmed but the drinks kept coming, as did the offering of packets of cigarettes?!

We started chatting to the people around us, including people from America, Singapore, Korea and Germany, all lovely people with interesting stories and generally good crack, even the Germans! (lols) We saw in the New Year with these lovely people, spraying silly string and lighting sparklers and clinking drinks all round whilst watching every inch of the Bangkok night sky light up with fireworks. (and of course Katy Perry ‘Fireworks’ was playing, but ignored!)

As the night progressed. Adam became the target of a group of gay men (nothing new then) who continued to compliment and insult him at the same time, “from the ankles up your well dressed. Are you sure your not gay?” Which was met with nervous laughs as he left the toilets backwards. On the dance floor we were dancing away to the wee hours with these great people around us with the continuous question of, “are you sure your not?!” Then they watched him dance and figured it out for themselves that he was most definitely not gay.

So to put the night simply. Great location. Great drinks. Great people. Great music (people go crazy for Gangnam style.) Great choice. Defo got our moneys worth.

We would do the night over and over again in a heartbeat. But with different shoes.

P.S A hangover in 30 degree heat is no mean feat especially with no Nandos hangover cure 😦

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