Newcastle to Koh Chang (Thailand)

So…we have arrived!

We left Newcastle at 6pm and flew to London Heathrow first for a quick stop off, then boarded our flight to Bangkok at 10.30pm. The flight took eleven hours, in which I slept for 5 of them and Adam watched 3 movies instead! We landed at 4pm local time (7 hours in front) and made our way to our hotel in Bangkok for one night before we headed off in a mini bus for the 5 hour drive to the port and then the 30 minute ferry to Koh Chang which showed just how impressive the island is with the green mountainous view we were welcomed to as we docked in. We boarded back upon the mini bus and made our way to our resort.

For such a little island, there is a hell of a lot of traffic, going up very steep hills which they cannot seem to manage very well, our bus went up at a snails pace, without the driver attempting to drop out of 3rd gear (?) There are also a lot of scooters, motorbikes and what they call ‘taxis’ but are actually pickup trucks with seats nailed to the bed of the truck and metal bars going all the way around. A lot of traffic for a place with no pavements!

We were shown our beautiful cabin by the loopy owner, Maus, who very enthusiastically showed us everything, and we instantly loved it. But whats not to love? A beautiful pool side room surrounded by lush green gardens with little kittens running around. You can’t not like it.

So far we have just explored the area we are in, Kai Bae, which is a small strip of the beach with a busy road with bars, hotels, market stalls, places to eat and a tesco! Bizarrely enough. But what is worse, its green! The food is amazing, trying a different place each night, which costs about 200 thai baht which is about £2. Not bad. Even better, beer comes to the equivalent of 50p. ‘Mazing!

Treated ourselves to a Thai massage, and we are soon to go on an Elephant trek into the jungle! Very excited and will let you know how it goes.

Until then, much love xx.

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