Things are coming along


So its official, in mind and on paper. The severance has come through and i am officially departing the University on the 30th September 2012. So my 6 year stint of Leeds Met (study and work) is officially over!

I have been managed by somebody who although sturn at times and although feared by many, has tweaked and tuned me to be ideal for the events industry. A cut throat industry that involves determination, grit and resilience. I wouldn’t class the time i have spent under Patsy’s wing as work and more as a mentor programme. She has literally turned me into somebody with an interest in events to a person who now lives their life by events. Not only has she shown me how to survive and thrive in the industry, but also given me the opportunity to meet some of the best contacts i will possibly ever meet in my life. For that alone i am forever in her debt (which she knows!!) and will always be thankful.

I mean which 24 year old gets to work at the 2012 London Olympic games as an Intern manager, looking after 63 students, working as venue manager assistants for 13 weeks based in London!!! With a backstage pass to the games itself!!! Without being related or paying somebody off, these kind of opportunities don’t come very often to people like me.
I am now based just down from Stratford, outside the Olympic park in camp clean for 13 weeks managing the students, which some are a lot older than myself to put it in perspective. I couldn’t be more over the moon about what i have been given and don’t under-estimate it for one minute (just i am shit at expressing feelings)

Its scary to think that in 11 weeks time this will all be over then on 3 weeks time i will be finishing work and then in 2 months i will be leaving the country, potentially for a very extended period!!!
Until we leave, i will keep these blogs about the 2012 intern programme and everything else that happens this summer

For now its another day another dollar

—Stay Classy World—ACastling—

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