The finish line is insight


So since i last blogged, as lot has happened. I have been back up home to Newcastle and spend some quality time with my nearest and dearest, watched the Opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, been over to Isle of Man to visit Cheryl and her parents, watched a lot of Olympics on the TV, came back to then watch a lot of Olympics in person (wow) and then got to see the closing ceremony as well. All in all it hasn’t been a bad 4 or so weeks.

We still have a few more hurdles to get over including the Carnegie Challenge Cup and Leeds Festival being over the same weekend, which we brand the whole of Wembley for the CCC Final and send 150+ volunteers and interns over to Leeds festival. Alongside that we still have the Olympic internship to manage and the Paralympics to see through. Although its been a daunting task, its certainly been worth every minute. I will certainly look back at this summer as one of the greatest, including all the high and all the lows, the people i have met along the way and the opportunities that have now came along.

Although it is still 5 months away, travelling feels much closer now and the more i keep thinking about it, the more it is really starting to settle in that we are really doing this, which is quite scary. Leaving the world behind and essentially shutting off from everyting!!! So i am now into the final sprint (yes i am dropping Olympic puns) and with only 4 weeks to go of the Olympic internship, i am quite sad that we are so close to saying bye to this place and these people. I will then only have 2 weeks left in the office before again i find myself saying bye to yet another place of memories and finally wave Leeds Met goodbye after 5 and a half years of service (including being a student). The final hurdle will be in November when me and Cheryl finally wave goodbye to our house and to Leeds, potentially for a very very long time.

—Stay Classy World—ACastling—

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