Part of the infrastructure


So i have now been on camp clean for over 4 weeks now, we are based just off the Olympic park from what i gather is classed as Bow. We have great links into central London and there is plenty to see and do here in westfields too. As far as Stratford, Bow and Newham itself goes, they are not the most attractive areas, even after the millions of pounds spent on re-generation (which still isn’t finished!).

I found out that at the Westfields centre (Stratford City), all of the businesses, hotels etc only have a lease until December and then depending on how business is doing, they can choose whether or not to continue that lease! It just makes you imagine that come February 2013, that place will be a skeleton full of wilkinsons, poundland and anything else that usually could be found across the road in the Stratford centre. It is quite an interesting insight into the overall idea of the Olympics and its impact on the local economy, why pick an area for regeneration, which afterwards will only go back to what it looked like before! Very odd cycle.

The interns are really settling into their jobs now, we have had one guy sit in on a LOCOG meeting, somebody else working with the media team creating a Olympics video, including trips to Wimbledon, Wembley, o2 and Silverstone! As well as Interns running their given areas, creating and presenting induction presentations to 100’s of new comers, the list goes on. A true testiment to how well the guys have settled into the programme and got on with the job in hand, where some are now beginning to flourish and truly exploit their talents.

It doesn’t feel like i leave camp very often now, as it has become my new home/office, which although on face value sounds bad, but everything here is paid for and certainly doesn’t cost London big bucks. I feel that i have managed to network well with all of the management that are working on camp, as well as those that come in and out. It is certainly beginning to feel like my home away from home now (apart from the misses not being around ofcourse) and i am becoming part of the infrastructure of this place

Welcome to camp clean

—Stay Classy World—ACastling—

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