How it all came about…


We will be leaving the UK on the 10th of December 2012 and waving goodbye to all of our beloved friends and family. This trip has nearly been 2 years in the making, but the wait will be totally worth it. I have managed to write off my student overdraft debt/s (managed to end up with two, school boy error) and (with my help) Cheryl has managed to renovate her house and bring it upto a rental standard.

Since graduating from University in 2010, we have both had one goal…..travelling. We didn’t want to rush into it and didn’t want it to be one of those trips where we ran out of money half way and had to come home, jobless and with CV’s with the same experience as a 14 year old. Therefore before we embarked on our adventure we needed to gain as much work experience as we possibly could, whilst also saving enough money to pay everything off (flights, insurance etc) before we left the UK and sustain ourselves for atleast 12 months without working. Also Cheryl owns the property that we lived in and therefore we needed to renovate the house whilst living in it whilst saving, so that before we leave it can be rented out to young professionals or a family.

Cheryl got a job at a school in Holbeck as an Early Years teacher and I got a job working for the marketing department of the University, but only on a part time salary! Within months we were both presented with opportunities we couldn’t refuse. Cheryl was offered the position of unit leader, after only working there for max a year (by luck more than judgement; maternity cover) and I was offered to once again work on the Festival Volunteering partnership with the University which takes over 500+ students in the summer to Hove, Latitude and Leeds festival, but still only on a low part-time salary, meaning not enough to pay rent, bills, food and save!

Throughout 2010-2011 we slowly renovated the house,whilst also gaining and losing new housemates, as they embarked on a new adventure in Leeds to only be offered work else where. So housemates came and went, until one of my best friends who I see as a brother moved in with us and this only emphasised the need to go travelling, as his dreams were to work in Aus. So our daily conversations were all about travelling the world, getting out the country and seeing new places. Chris left at the end of 2011 to embark on his own big adventure and left us with a huge gap of not only an empty bedroom, but also the realisation of our dreams, which is full of passion and drive to see the world.

Cheryl continued to work as a unit leader and went from strength to strength, becoming such a strong managerial figure along the way, learning techniques from her previous manager and creating some of her own, in terms of dealing with people, whilst also teaching young children. I was finally given the job I wanted, to work as the Partnerships Officer for the University on a permanent salary and to do something I enjoy………wooohooo

Since November 2011 we have both religiously saved our arses off, whilst also researching the ‘BIG TRIP’ which doesn’t come with a shiny brochure and doesn’t come as an A-Z, although there are books that claim they do, non of them can prepare you for the planning needed for a trip like this. The calling signs came when the University offered out voluntary severance and I thought to myself ‘it’s now or never’, if there ever was a sign to get up and go, this was it. Things were looking bad (job wise in the long term) and this couldn’t have spurred my decision anymore. The unit leader job Cheryl was doing was only maternity cover, so would also be coming to an end soon, so yet again another sign that this was the right decision.

We took the plunge and booked our flights with this news, going from UK>;Thailand>;Across land Asia>;Singapore>;Sydney>;Christchurch>;overland to Auckland>;Chile>;overland South America>;……..the world is our oyster, no return flight!!!!

—Stay Classy World—ACastling—

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